Oscar Stress

As usual, only a week to the Oscars, and we’ve only seen 2 nominated movies. If you’re trying to reach me this week, I’ll be in the Plymouth Meeting AMC.Oscars


I am a pathetic blogger

I will not create a resolution to post more in 2009.  Since that was my resolution in 2006, 2007, 2008, and I failed miserably, my resolution will be to “passively think about posting to my blog”.  Better yet, I should just find a way to have my twitter posts also post here – I’m pretty good with the twitters.

my twitters

Poison Ivy

Jen and I are holed up this labor day weekend in our leper colony.  Although the last of my poison ivy is now gone, Jen’s has morphed into a flesh eating variety.  Her poor legs are raw, and all extremities are still covered.  Needless to say, she refuses to go out in public, so we’re doing “house projects”.  Just finished recaulking the tub, and moving on to floor scrubbing.  ughhh….

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Back from Paris!

We had an incredible time in Paris! We’ve posted a bunch of pictures. I’ll describe the trip a bit more when I’m caught up on my sleep.

My New Site

Due to circumstances beyond Jen’s control, our web host toasted my old blog. Here’s my temp site until we find a new host (sounds rather parasitic).